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All-round service

We provide tyres for your vehicle in accordance with the type of use, with pneumatic tyres, solid rubber tyres and brawler tyres. Of course, we also offer a full range of services, including on-site tyre fitting and breakdown service.

Mobile tyre fitting & repairs

The rolling
tyre workshop

Tyre fitting &
on-site service

Save time, effort, reduce journey length and prevent long periods of downtime for your equipment.

With our “rolling tyre workshop”, we come to you to repair or change damaged or defective tyres.

Hot repairs
for tyre damage

With us, you don’t always have to get a new tyre straight away. With our trained specialist staff, we can also repair damage to the side wall, outer shoulder, bead and tread, e.g. in tractor, EM and HGV tyres (the technical term for this is vulcanisation).

A less expensive and more environmentally friendly alternative to new tyres.

We carry out the hot repairs at our facility. During this, we’ll happily lend a tyre to you on request.

Cold repairs
for minor damage

Even tyres with nail holes and small punctures can be repaired.

Cold repairs do not involve vulcanising the tyre, meaning that no new rubber is incorporated, rather, a patch is applied to the inside of the tyre using special materials and adhesives.

The advantage of this type of repair: you’ll be back on the road in no time!

Cold repairs can be carried out on-site, where you are or at our facility.

Breakdown service

We’re there for you
in emergencies!

On the road for you
for when you get a flat tyre

Has your vehicle just broken down on a journey because of a flat tyre, leaving you unable to continue driving?

Whether it’s on a country road,
the construction site,…

…or in the middle of the entrance. breakdowns happen right when you need them the least.

But there’s no need for recovery or towing services, because we come to you with our mobile tyre fitting, and change or repair damaged or defective tyres on commercial vehicles, site vehicles, buses, trailers or other machinery with tyres.

Contact us in case of breakdown emergencies. We are happy to be on the road for you!


Changing tyres on forklifts

Solid rubber press

On the road with solid rubber

The rolling solid rubber press can replace defective and worn tyres on forklifts and other industrial machinery with solid rubber tyres on-site.

We take care of your vehicles, while you can continue to work easily.

Reduce idle time,
save money

With our specially-built mobile tyre press, with up to 120 tonnes of pressing power, we can reduce your idle time and deal with the tyre fitting as quickly as possible, on-site, where you are.

Not only will this save you time and worry, it will save you money too.

We would be happy to make you a non-binding offer.