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Where the rubber meets the road!

Fuel-efficient tyres, sports tyres, racing tyres, off-road and SUV tyres, classic car or white wall tyres – we’re happy to provide you with the tyres that you want for your vehicle.

Car tyres & rims

All brands and models of steel and aluminium tyres

There’s no such thing!

No matter what you’re after – from classic car tyres to race tyres, from steel rims to multi-part aluminium rims.

We’re looking forward to the challenge of finding the best solution for you personally.

What tyres are suitable
for my car?

We would be happy to talk with you in person or over the phone to help you choose your tyres.

To help you choose the right brand of tyres, here is the link to the scores of the most recent tyre tests by ÖAMTC (the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club)

How long will it be until
my tyres are “old”?

Tyres age because of a range of processes that affect their functioning.
Car tyres are designed so that when they are used appropriately, their wear limit is reached before their age limit.

New tyres are considered to be new for up to three years from the date of manufacture (DOT code). We recommend replacing your tyres after six years.

Tyre check & safety

Your specialist for tyres and rims

Tyre check –
reliable and safe

At the entrance to Reifen Jais in Hall, you drive through the DRIVE-OVER READER.

This measures the tyre pressure and tread depth of all the tyres in just a few moments, while you slowly drive over it.

tyre change

The wheel nuts/bolts should be retightened using torque wrench 50 km after changing tyres. We would be happy to do this for you at our facility, free of charge, with no appointment required.

Running in

We recommend that you start by running in your new tyres at a moderate speed.
Turns and manoeuvres that involve braking hard should be avoided during this period.

Tyres only produce as much grip as they are able to after approximately 200 km.

Tyre care & storage

So that your tyres and rims last

Good grip
with the right profile

Statutory minimum tread depth according to the Austrian Road Traffic Act (StVO):

Summer tyres: 1.6 mm
Winter tyres: 4 mm

Winter period for cars: 01/11 – 15/04

However, we would like to point out that safety may be greatly reduced even before the minimum tread depth is reached.

Proper storage
Your tyres

Tyres should be stored on rims – stacked one on top of the other or, preferably, hung on the wall.

The right pressure,
less wear and tear

Having the wrong tyre pressure can have serious consequences, such as a longer stopping distance, reduced cornering stability, higher levels of fuel consumption and tyre wear, as well as damage to tyres caused by excessive heating while rolling. What’s more, having the wrong tyre pressure can cause greater road noise and uneven tyre wear.

We recommend that you regularly check and adjust the tyre pressure. You can get information on this in your vehicle’s manual or directly from us.

Summer tyres
vs. winter tyres

While the softer rubber compound of a winter tyre is better suited for cold temperatures, the harder compound in summer tyres is more advantageous in warm temperatures.

Hard summer tyres therefore do not wear as much as a soft winter tyres.

“Wearing out” winter tyres in the summer is not recommended given that winter tyres have much worse grip on warm tarmac. This results in a longer stopping distance and reduced cornering stability.

Wheel alignment & rim repairs

So that everything runs smoothly

Improve directional stability and

Driving over kerbs or potholes is often the cause of misaligned axle geometry.

In one in three vehicles, this results in one-sided tyre wear and significantly increased abrasion, as well as reduced handling.

By adjusting the axle geometry precisely, you can increase the mileage of your tyres, as well as your safety.

For this purpose, we have special and ultra-modern devices to check and adjust axle geometry.

A second chance for your
broken aluminium rims

Even in cases of radial and lateral runout, you don’t have to get a new one straight away. If possible, we will repair your rim – with a runout repair you can avoid having to buy new.
With our special, high-tech measuring device, we can identify every imperfection. After measuring run-out, corrections can be made down to the smallest detail.


Tyre repairs

Punctures in summer and winter car tyres may be repaired while complying with legal requirements.

Our specialist staff can evaluate whether your tyre can be repaired on-site.


When getting your tyres repaired, please always go to a specialist workshop. Inadequate repairs can have fatal consequences!

Motor vehicle servicing & repairs

Repairs & servicing
your car

Are you looking for a inexpensive specialist workshop for minor repairs or servicing?

What we offer:

  • Oil change
  • Chassis and suspension fitting
  • Wheel alignment
  • General servicing
  • Clutch and brake service
  • Light repairs

Our specialist staff are looking forward to seeing your commercial vehicle.

Please make a prior appointment.