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Hall in Tirol

Reifen Jais GmbH
Schlöglstraße 59
A-6060 Hall

Opening hours
Monday to Friday
08:00 – 12:00
13:00 – 17:00

08:00 – 12:00

If you cannot keep an appointment, please cancel or reschedule it at least 24 hours in advance.
We reserve the right to charge you € 30,- if you miss an appointment.


Koblach in Vorarlberg

Location for trucks

Reifen Jais GmbH
Straßenhäuser 70
A-6842 Koblach

Opening hours
Monday to Friday
08:00 – 12:00
13:00 – 17:00

Appointment by arrangement

Ing. (engineer) Martin Jais

Managing director

+43 699 135 37 322

Natascha Jais

Authorised signatory & management

+43 699 135 37 323

Melanie Jais

Administration & warehouse management

+43 699 135 37 327

Clemens Kapelari

Deputy managing director

+43 699 13 537 328

Kathrin Bauer

Assistant to the management board

+43 699 13 53 73 39

HGV team

Andreas Prantl

Field sales

+43 699 13 537 329

Julia Büchner

Customer support & logistics

+43 699 13 537 338

Car team

Markus Winkler
Markus Winkler MBA

Sales management for cars

+43 699 13 537 325

Claudia Beck

Sales & consulting

+43 5223 22 1 22

Thomas Schönauer

Sales & consulting

+43 5223 22 1 22

Konrad Daxenbichler

Sales & consulting

+43 5223 22 1 22

Oliver Pohl

Sales & consulting

+43 5223 22 1 22

Stefanie Winkler

Sales & consulting

+43 5223 22 1 22

Alice Kapelari

Sales & consulting

+43 5223 22 1 22

Accounting team

Martina Jais

Accounting / payroll accounting

Barbara Jordan


Koblach team

Nikolaus Rimml

Koblach branch management

+43 699 135 37 345

Roland Ganahl

Area manager

+43 699 135 37 334

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Our history

From our establishment
to the present day


Establishment of Jais as a two-person business: tyres of commercial vehicles and construction machinery are changed and repaired on-site using a fully-equipped, mobile tyre workshop.



The first tyre warehouse in Innsbruck; converting a HGV into our first mobile tyre workshop.



Expansion of the workshop equipment on the HGV for a mobile car tyre service.



Purchase of a solid rubber press for industrial tyres, as well as a filling station, to produce plastic fillings for pneumatic tyres in extreme conditions; expansion of our storage and servicing facilities.



Demand for the mobile tyre service increases.
Purchase of a second fitting vehicle.



Continuous company growth, the mobile service is well received.
Expansion of the vehicle fleet.



Relocation of the company headquarters to Völs.
Expanding storage capacity to over 20,000 tyres.



Partnership with Euromaster, the largest chain in Europe.
Taking over the Euromaster site in Rum bei Innsbruck.



Anniversary: 20 years of Reifen Jais
Expanding to 10 car fitting stations in Völs and Rum.
Storage capacity of 40,000 tyres



Expansion of our services:
Gas checks for camper vans & caravans
Runout correction of rims / radial and lateral runout



Our boss and the founder of Reifen Jais passes his life’s work onto his three children.

Managing director: Ing. (engineer) Martin Jais

Partners: Natascha Jais and Melanie Jais



Anniversary: 25 years of Reifen Jais.
Despite a constantly expanding workforce and ever greater storage capacity, we remain true to our roots and rely on friendly service and mutual trust – both when it comes to employees and to customers.
This way, everything runs smoothly.



The two Reifen Jais sites, in Völs and in Rum were brought together at Schlöglstraße 59 in Hall in Tirol, bringing many advantages and even more opportunities for better service



Expansion of our offering with the unique drive-over reader to digitise tyre checks and vehicle fleet checks


Continuous expansion

By constantly expanding our workforce, our vehicle fleet and the storage capacity, after a successful company history going back almost 30 years, we have been able to expand our family business and develop ourselves very effectively.

We are continuously working on improving our customer service, digitalising working processes and optimising procedures – so we can provide our customers with the best possible service.