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Drive over – got it!

Drive over it and read out the measured values – and all that in under one minute per vehicle. The advantages of our drive-over reader are accuracy, reliability and speed.

A quick tyre check for the entire fleet

Drive-over check for all vehicles

At our facility in Hall in Tirol you can simply drive over the driver-over reader (D.O.R). The values are read out, saved and can be analysed perfectly. This measures the profile and pressure of the tyres and checks them for damage within a few minutes.

An emergency can be identified and fixed straight away, thereby preventing serious damage.

Quick check for fleets of HGVs

We offer a comprehensive check for your vehicle fleet- when you are “driving by” or on-site, where you are too.

Take precautions and save yourself inconvenience and downtime caused by flat tyres or damage.

Contact us for a non-binding offer for a vehicle fleet check.