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All our services at a glance

On top of our specialisation in tyres and rims, we also offer a large number of other motor vehicle services.
When it comes to defective tyres and rims, we’re for “repairing and jazzing up instead of buying new” – so, where possible, we repair all sorts of rims and tyres.

Recutting, lamellar cutting, fitting spikes

More grip and
Safety on the road.

Recutting – make something new out of something old!

Depending on the type of tyre and application, mileage can be increased by up to 30% quickly and cheaply.

Even solid rubber tyres can be recut and specially profiled.
The grip of forklift tyres, for example, can therefore be significantly improved.

Up to 30% higher mileage
Improved road-holding
Less wear
Up to 5% less rolling resistance
Still possible to retread

Recut tyres can be used on vehicles with a total weight of over 3.5 t. This does not include the steering axles of HGV, buses and hazardous goods transporters.

Lamellar cutting – for more traction

These are small incisions in the tyre profile that we make by hand to achieve more traction on snow and ice.

In this way, we can cut a profile with good grip into a slippery solid rubber tyre.

Lamellar cutting is not just possible with tyres, it can be carried out on snowcats too.

For optimal grip, we recommend a combination of lamellae and spikes.

Adding spikes – for safety on snow and ice

Spiked tyres and winter tyres, which have treads equipped with metal pins and therefore better grip on snow-covered and icy roads.

On normal roads, the speed of a car with spied tyres is limited to 80 km/h and it is possible to drive at up to 100 km/h on the motorway. Car tyres can only be fitted with spikes if the tyre already has the specified holes.

On top of car tyres, we can also fit spikes to tractor tyres, EM tyres, forklift tyres, tracked vehicles, quads, ice resurfacers and even your shoes. The spike can be easily fitted and removed again.

Wheel alignment and & rim run-out repair

So that everything runs smoothly

Improve directional stability and handling

Driving over kerbs or potholes is often the cause of misaligned axle geometry.

In one in three vehicles, this results in one-sided tyre wear and increased abrasion, as well as reduced handling.

By adjusting the axle geometry precisely, you can increase the mileage of your tyres, as well as your safety.

For this purpose, we have special and ultra-modern devices to check and adjust axle geometry.


We given broken rims a chance

For all types of tyres, even in cases of radial and lateral runout, you don’t have to get a new one straight away. We’ll repair your rim, wherever possible – regardless of whether it’s steel or aluminium.

Runout repairs mean you can avoid having to buy new – thereby saving money while protecting the environment.

With our special car jig for aluminium, we can find every imperfection using high-tech measuring devices. After measuring the run-out of the rim, corrections can be made down to the tiniest detail.

Filling & sealing

No more flat tyres.

LIQUIFILL® prevents tyre damage, flat tyres and fluctuating tyre pressure and is safe, simple and easy to use.

It is non-toxic, fire resistant and environmentally friendly.
It protects the inner lining of the tyre carcass from oxidisation and seals small punctures.
You won’t have any expensive idle time due to repairs or changing tyres.
Can also be used for quads, as well as garden, industrial and agricultural equipment
The equipment for the tyre sealing is light, portable and is suitable for on-site service

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Flexible urethane (liquid rubber compound), a lasting solution for the tyres of small industrial trailers to giant wheel loader tyres as well as forklift tyres, for example, for use in scrap yards.

This takes place using a proven and highly-flexible form of urethane, which is initially pumped into the tyres through the normal valve. As soon as all of the air is completely replaced by the tyre filling, the recommended working pressure of the tyre is built up.

The tyre – including the rim – is then placed in a heat chamber so that the liquid tyre filling can set and a suitable pressure is achieved.

Loss of air and tyre failure due to penetration of items into the tread or side wall are a thing of the past – the tyre always stays fit for use and the vehicle stays mobile!

Zeus-Polyfill – the industry-wide standard for 2-component traditional PU tyre fillings and pump technologies on the market today.

Hot and cold repairs

Repairing tyres & protecting the environment

Hot repairs for tyre damage

With us, you don’t always have to get a new tyre straight away. With our trained specialist staff and the right machines, we can also repair damage to the side wall, outer shoulder and tread, e.g. in EM, tractor or HGV tyres
(the technical term for this is vulcanisation).

A less expensive and environmentally friendly alternative to new tyres.

The hot repairs can be carried out at our facility.

Cold repairs for minor damage

Even tyres with nail holes and small punctures can be repaired.

Cold repairs don’t involve vulcanising the tyre – meaning that no new rubber is incorporated. Instead, a patch is applied to the inside of the tyre using special materials and adhesives.

The advantage of this type of repair is that you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Gas checks for camper vans

For a worry-free holiday

Feeling good on holiday

Already in that holiday mood?

With an annual gas check for your home on wheels, you’ll be sure to have a relaxing start to your holiday.

We’re happy to come to your house to check your camper van.

Of course, it’s also possible to get a gas check at our facility.

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Delivery and pick-up

Quick, reliable, uncomplicated

Ordered, delivered, picked up

Every day, we’re on the road, heading to your facility. We bring new tyres to you and pick up the old tyres again.
We’re also happy to pick up tyres for repairs or retreading.

Quick, reliable and uncomplicated.