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Safety for near and far

There is a wide range on offer for commercial vehicles and tyres must be adapted to different purposes, routes and types of vehicle.

Choosing the right tyre makes a significant contribution to road safety.

HGV tyres & rims

All brands and models
of tyres and rims

A wide selection

We have tyres and rims for almost any purpose in stock for you, which we would also be happy to fit for you on-site, where you are if you wish.

Vehicle fleet check & flat tyres

We’re on the way to you
every day.

Tyre check –
reliable and safe

At the entrance to Reifen Jais in Hall, you drive through the DRIVE-OVER READER.

This measures the tyre pressure and tread depth of all the tyres in just a few moments, while you slowly drive over it.


On the road for you
for when you get a flat tyre

Has your vehicle just broken down because of a flat tyre, leaving you unable to continue driving?

There’s no need for recovery or towing services, because we come to you with our mobile tyre fitting, where the incident occurred, and change your vehicle’s defective tyres.

Contact us in case of breakdown emergencies.

On the road for you for tyre changes

Save time, effort, reduce journey length and prevent long periods of downtime for your equipment.

We offer a mobile tyre service. What this means, is that our “rolling tyre workshop” can change the tyres of HGVs, site vehicles, tractors, forklifts and construction machinery.

We also repair damaged or defective tyres on-site, where you are.


Tyre care & safety

Your reliable
partner for HGVs
tyres and rims.

The right
tyre pressure

Tyre pressure has a significant influence on properties in relation to fuel consumption, driving characteristics and service life.

Regular checks are absolutely necessary, as a tyre pressure decreases over time due to a range of factors. This must always correspond to what the tyres are used for and the loads they are put under.

The right
tread depth

Minimum tread depth according to
the Austrian Road Traffic Act (StVO):

Summer tyres 2 mm
Winter tyres with M + S markings 5 mm for radial tyres or 6 mm for cross-ply tyres on at least one drive shaft.

Winter period for HGVs 01/11 – 15/04 / buses 01/11 –15/03

The Association of Tyre Specialists in Austria (VRÖ) recommends to stop using summer tyres with treads that are less than 3 mm and winter tyres on HGVs and buses with treads that are less than 8 mm, given that handling is significantly reduced in wintry conditions.


Recutting, repairs, retreading

Repairing tyres &
protecting the environment

Recutting –
make something new out of something old!

Tyres that are marked “regroovable”, have been equipped with thicker rubber to allow us to recut them. We expertly process these tyres using a special recutting tool. Depending on the type of tyre, this process can improve the mileage by up to 30%. In addition the rolling resistance is up to 5% lower. In this way, fuel consumption is also reduced.

Recut tyres can be used on vehicles with a total weight of over 3.5 t. This does not include the steering axles of HGVs, buses and hazardous goods transporters.

Hot repairs
for tyre damage

With us, you don’t always have to get a new tyre straight away. Thanks to our trained specialist staff, we can also repair more serious damage to the side wall, bead, outer shoulder and tread, e.g. in tractor, EM and HGV tyres here, at our facility
(the technical term for this is vulcanisation).

An inexpensive and more environmentally friendly alternative to new tyres.

While the repairs are being carried out, we have suitable “courtesy tyres” to reduce your idle time.

HGV tyres

The carcass of a tyre is designed for up to four tyre lifespans.

Retreaded tyres can be fitted to all axles of commercial vehicles and buses, except for the steering axle.

In this process, a distinction is made between hot and cold retreading.

Retreading is better for the environment!
Up to 80% less water, 50% less energy and 75% less crude oil is needed.